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Financial Information

Choctawhatchee River Soil & Water Conservation District Fiscal Year is October 1 to September 30.

Special District’s Annual Financial Report (required by Section 218.32 (1) (g), Florida Statutes) available at:  Florida Department of Financial Service

The Code of Ethics for Public Officers and Employees, adopted by the legislature as Part III of Chapter 112, Florida Statutes, contains standards of ethics conduct and disclosures applicable to public officers, employees, candidates, lobbyists and others in Florida State and local government.

The “Sunshine Amendment”, adopted by Florida voters through a constitutional initiative in 1976 as Article II, Section 8, Florida Constitution, contains standards of ethical conduct and disclosures applicable to public officers and employees; it also requires the legislature to adopt the code of ethics described above.

For more information, please visit the Florida Commission on Ethics website: and select “Ethics laws” in the side menu.